Month: April 2009

Teen Ellis Gets Dirty


No, hot little Ellis doesn’t have three hands, she’s just getting a little help from the cameraman. Not that I blame him a bit in hurrying her to get her clothes off and down to business. She’s a perky thing and hot to watch, in fact anyone would do the same. The cameraman even gets a handful of ass and tits too! What a job, to film hot teens and their wet pussies all day!

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Slutty Teen Naked Fun


I think there are few things hotter than a naked teen out frolicking in the sun. Well, except maybe a naked teen frolicking with a hard dick eh? Well this cutie with the tight body and the all over suntan is getting a lot tanner as she and her lover take it outdoors and enjoy some fresh air and fucking! Now, that’s some good healthy excercise! That tight little pussy is getting a workout today.

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Miley Ann Cute and Talented Teen

Talent is one of those things that hot girls always seem to have. The guys at Pure18 always seem to be able to find the hottest naughty girls to get down and party, check out this story:

Miley is a girl with talent. Multiple talents, actually. She has plenty of talent in the tits and ass and looks category. But it gets better. She can talk dirty shit like a woman at least twice her age and suck dick like a woman nearing middle age. Yeah, I told you she was great. Her ass should win an award too, for being so talented. Its surely one of the best kept secrets on the West Coast. I dont have room to wax poetic about her tits but, good god, they are ridiculous. But it gets even better than that. She can paint and sketch and stuff and thats how she accidentally stumbled upon Ramon Nomars dick while it was tucked neatly away in a banana hammock. She was doing an art project and exercising most of her talents at once when she, wanting to make it a better project, asked Ramon to release his delf and rock out with his cock out. You can imagine what happened next, but let me add that he utterly destroyed this girls pussy. He even ate her ass. Frankly, I would have too. Shes that hot and its only right. Miley, let me add that your ass looks like a delicious purple peach in that spandex.

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Cierra Spice Teen College Student

It’s always enjoyable to find a fresh new teen to enjoy, especially when they are running their own personal website. Sexy latina Cierra Spice is the latest girl to join the Spice family, a horny little girl that loves to play! She has a nice full set of curves and wonderful dusty brown skin, a perfectly shaved pussy and a really nice firm pair of boobs that seem always to be ready for a lick. She has such a sweet smile too, even as she slides her favorite toy into her juicy pussy. A truly hot teen! Check out her site here!

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College Girl Charlotte Gets Naughty

Think of this as the before picture. Cute college junior Charlotte Vale is your very typical girl next door, not absolutely perfect but interesting and hot in her own natural sort of way. Well, Charlotte is having a little problem in school, she failed her mid-term but the proctor has decides to give her another chance at a private makeup exam. Seems he heard that this college girl is willing to play. Well, he offers her the chance to turn her exam into a oral test, and soon enough she is on her knees proving she knows all about oral! Talk about a college girl that loves to party!

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Stiff Nipples On Teenager Ora


Hot teenie Ora is not feeling the chill of this snowy winter’s day at all. Of course, she’s brought along her thick sweater and a sure fire warm up dildo. After she gets that pussy nice and wet being cold is the last thing on this dirty teenage’s mind. Her nipples though, look at those big beauties perk up in the chill air. She’s generating enough heat to melt the snow and you won’t miss a minute of it.

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Busty Teenager Gets Nasty


Today’s teenies always seem to be on their phones texting their girlfriends and guys. Today’s hot teenage just got a super naughty text from her favorite guy. Well, she’s not one to let a good orgasm pass her up so She takes action on it. She’s not wearing too much in the first place and gets totally naked right out there in public. What she does with that dildo well it will have you going right along with her!

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Mandee Rubs Herself Outdoors

There is something about this shot of sexy teen Mandee from FTVGirls playing with her bald beaver that just gets me going. I love public flashing, which is why I am a big fan of FTVGirls. But more, I think the idea of this petite 18 year old hiking up her skirt and being so into her own shaved pussy is just so enjoyable. It’s an incredibly intimate moment in the middle of a very sexy public flashing set. Mandee has a very yummy pussy, and she isn’t shy to slide her fingers in there too for a little fun!

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Teacher Fucks Student in Classroom

Erin Chase is a naughty teen that is use to getting away with everything. Her father is a big donor to her private school, so she figures she can make her school uniform a little more slutty and the skirt a little shorter and get away with it. Well, Mr Fitzgerald makes her stay after class, and tries to explain to her how her short skirt is causing some, umm, problems in the school. Erin does care and sasses at him, and he turns her over and starts spanking her! Far from being upset, Erin is shocked to find out how much this turns her on, and soon he is no longer spanking her, instead he is fingering her juicy teen pussy and getting ready to fuck this 18 year old right over his desk! Classroom sex is always, hot and this scene in truly naughty!

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Fishing For Teenager Pussy


Our cute teenie babes today are out spending an afternoon with a fishing rod by the river bank. Though, to be strictly honest they are not out to catch trout!

Instead it’s the perfect setting for some girl on girl play with all the privacy these young teenage lesbians need! They have even brought along a long rod (the dildo sort) to use in plumbing those slick wet holes!

This is a lot more fun than a bass tournament for us teen porn lovers.

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